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What to do on the first date? Make a good impression

The first meeting is about and you only have doubts and questions about what to do on the first date. Try to relax and take into account some tips for facing the first date.

The writers of “Being successful with women”, Ron Louis and David Copeland, propose some keys that are recommended to take into account when a first date. These premises can be extrapolated to both sexes.

The first date is a special moment that can lead to nervousness and in extreme situations anxiety, since both of you do not know each other personally although you have been talking for an online dating platform. It is best to think of enjoying the moment and show yourself as you are.

First contact

We recommend that the first meeting does not take you very long. It is a first contact and sometimes first impressions can play tricks. The ideal time for a first date does not exceed 65 minutes. If you are having fun, it can also be a good time to end the date. Thus, you will keep the interest of the other person and they will be more willing to agree to a second date .

Where? In public places

The first meeting is advisable to do so in a neutral and quiet place, like a cafeteria. It is important that you both feel comfortable. “When you ask him out, you must have a thoughtful place. Make sure he or she knows where you will meet or give the directions it takes “recommend Louis and Copeland .

When you think about what to do on the first date, try to discard plans like going to dinner or the movies, which will benefit you in not being so focused on you. Avoid too intimate places, like a house, as this can intimidate the other person and make him reject the encounter. The same is true for males.

Show interest in your appointment

Do not hang out or chat for no purpose, this can lead to your date thinking that you are not sufficiently interested in a serious relationship. Try to put on your side, show interest and try to seduce.

Get ready for your meeting

It is important that you think about some previous issues before answering the question of what to do on the first date. First, think about the type of person you are going to stay with. If you consider your tastes and hobbies, it will be easier for you to talk once you are there. Also prepare yourself in case you face an unwanted situation, the first encounters can be somewhat unstable.