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How to propose on the first date ?


Louis and Copeland propose a series of tactics that can help make your appointment will be a success. Among them are some interesting as keeping a romantic conversation, look into my eyes for a long time, make the other person laugh , get information about it or make a compliment.

Both verbal and nonverbal communication also plays an important role. ” Someone interested in you, you’ll look at your face and eyes. If the situation is potentially sexual, is also likely to look upon you unawares the body “says the writer of the book” The body language of relations ” 2 , David Cohen .

The opposite may also occur: ” A person is not setting you if the amount of time you spend looking at you is significantly less than that employs looking site .”

The farewell, a magical moment

It’s time to say goodbye, you know what to do on the first date, but if you are interested in a second, you’d better think of a plan and propose it when you say goodbye. If you accept, set a date and time to call another day to specify the details of the meeting.

” It is better to stay with her, when he has in front, feeling the joy that created the appointment ” advise Louis and Copeland . Remember that this applies to both men and women, so try to take advantage of the magic of the moment to arrange a second meeting.