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Questions to develop a conversation on your first date ?


Questions to help you talk on a first date and develop a conversation with success

  • Can I invite you to something?

If you have the typical coffee or dinner appointment, there will be an account to pay. But why should you always offer to pay the bill (or at least go halfway)? Apart from the fact that this initiative makes your appointment feel special, it also shows reliability and kindness, one of the characteristics most desired by men and women when looking for a partner.

  • You love animals?

You love your dog but you do not like cats. Your appointment however may be allergic to dogs, obviously there are great chances that something will not go further after a first date. It’s important to know before it’s too late.

  • Where have you lived?

This is the sneaky way to find out a bit about the life story of your date, without appearing too direct or direct. Not only that, you can also find out if you like to travel, if you would be determined to change or prefer comfort. You will probably also have the opportunity to hear some anecdote, which will make the conversation flow easily.

  • Do you like to go outside or stay home?

Again a question to see the similarities you have in common. Leisure is a big factor in any relationship, it is a good idea to know if you will share a Sunday at home or if you would prefer to spend a day of adventure.

  • What do you prefer?

This is an interesting game where two responses are presented to a given situation. This way, the other person must choose one of the two options. This question helps a lot to know more about your date and your tastes and preferences , is also a good option to know their real intentions.

  • What makes you laugh?

A question to break the ice . This is a fun question that can give a lot of you. Of course this way you can also know if that person is your soul mate. A conversation with humor always leaves a good taste, and also, the sense of humor also shows the personality of each, something to take into account when starting a relationship.

  • What is your best memory?

This question will help you establish a more emotional bond, as it requires that your appointment tells you a more personal story. This on the one hand requires that you listen, and as a result of a good listener earn points, as both, but especially women seek a man can listen 3 . This implies and shows long-term confidence.

Remember that the best topic to talk about on a first date is the one that is natural for both of you. There is no need to force. Relax and be yourself at all times, this will help you succeed.


Having a third date is the benefit that comes out of a second date


According to 58% of singles surveyed, despite knowing that they like to have a serious relationship, they would not tell, at least on a second date.

Both sexes would accept a kiss on a second date (78%), to know if there could be something more serious. The factor that would make them think that a second date has gone well would not have been more physical contact or more personal interest, but have scheduled a future third date between them.

According to Salama Marine , a psychologist who works with our magazine: ” a second date does not mean that tomorrow you will be married to that person; But if you stay a second time is a very good sign. This means that there is a mutual attraction and interest in knowing the other, so it is a good time to start asking about more personal issues. The second appointment can also be the ideal occasion to take action, if there was no kiss in the first, there is no need to wait any longer. Finally, it is important to close the date of the next appointment at that time, this way avoid possible doubts and uncomfortable waits of the type: I have to call or wait for you to call … ”


The second date: the key moment for a long term relationship


How to know if the chemistry has worked to have a second date? Does that person deserve another chance to get to know each other better? The keys of the first encounter allow you to glimpse if they have a future as a couple, but the second date becomes a key moment.

The second appointment is decisive for a long-term relationship, according to 52%

The vast majority of singles would choose not to have talks about their ex-partners. A large part of the respondents believe that self-confidence is their greatest weapon of seduction

The nerves, the flirtation, and the excitement of the first date can lead you to jump to conclusions, but the truth is that second dates can become decisive, to know if a serious relationship can arise with a person or not.

The ideal place for a second date would definitely be a restaurant (38%), with quality food. Most respondents said that they would dress informally on a second date (68%), and would prefer that their appointment chose the place (53%), so they would not risk failing.

At the time of starting a conversation they would not show with much initiative, but as before, they would let their appointment decide how to start it to not screw up (83%). The taboo themes on a second date are: ex-couples, family problems and politics. However, 49% say that he would listen and advise his appointment if he ever spoke to him about his ex-partner.

Both men and women; Offering to pay the bill is no longer a priority in a meeting, say 69%.


How to overcome anxiety during initial stages of a relationship?



How can anxiety affect early in a relationship?

There are many people who put all their life expectations in fact get a couple . When this is so, the need for everything to be perfect is enormous. This is where anxiety usually appears. These people try in every way to please the new couple, putting the other’s wishes before their own and even pretending things that are not to show them that they are their ideal partner.

These situations generate a lot of anxiety for the person who lives them and are usually quite counterproductive. The more they strive to fit in perfectly, the less natural and genuine they appear before the eyes of the other.


Is it possible to control this anxiety in any way? What concrete recommendations could they offer?

It is important to recognize the symptoms of anxiety, which may be physiological, such as acceleration of the pulse, flushing of the cheeks or accelerated breathing; Cognitive impairment, such as feelings of insecurity, difficulty sleeping or variable mood, and behavioral, such as stuttering or involuntary movements of the limbs.

Of all of them, the only symptoms we can more or less control are the behavioral ones, since the physiological ones and the cognitive ones are “automatic”. But there is something we can do, and try to reduce the possibility of anxiety.


Enlightened – Here are some small recommendations:

-Think positive: an appointment is not a test. For both it is a new situation. Relax and enjoy it.
– Go with comfortable clothes and shoes: even if we want to impress, you better prioritize some comfort. That will give you more confidence yourself and you will be less aware of yourself and more of your date.
– Plan your time: if you know you will not be able to arrive at seven, it remains at eight. It’s better for you on time than for you to have to run. While you go to meet your date, take a deep breath seize the moment before you see yourself to take a couple of deep breaths and relaxing. If these points do not help us, we should not be afraid to have a professional opinion of a therapist.


How to take it to Sex during First date ?


From a psychological point of view, what are normal feelings about a first date?

It is normal that before a first date our feelings and emotions are in full bloom. The most habitual feelings in this situation are usually restlessness, illusion and fear. Restlessness because we do not know what will happen, illusion and fear because we are facing a new situation in which we put many expectations and we fear that they will not be fulfilled.

What topics of conversation would be most appropriate at the beginning of a relationship? Do couples recommend talking openly about everything from the outset or is it better to postpone certain more sensitive issues, such as religion or politics?

The best bet for a relationship to be healthy and lasting is the sincerity and the ability to be able to show to the other as we are. So, we could say that, in general, there are no topics of conversation more appropriate than others, all are valid as long as the two people involved are comfortable with them.

How can sex or practice influence first dates for a longer-term relationship?

There are no conclusive studies showing that the practice of sex on first dates is predictive of a longer or less relationship. In this sense, in sex there are no rules beyond those established between the two people involved.


How to propose on the first date ?


Louis and Copeland propose a series of tactics that can help make your appointment will be a success. Among them are some interesting as keeping a romantic conversation, look into my eyes for a long time, make the other person laugh , get information about it or make a compliment.

Both verbal and nonverbal communication also plays an important role. ” Someone interested in you, you’ll look at your face and eyes. If the situation is potentially sexual, is also likely to look upon you unawares the body “says the writer of the book” The body language of relations ” 2 , David Cohen .

The opposite may also occur: ” A person is not setting you if the amount of time you spend looking at you is significantly less than that employs looking site .”

The farewell, a magical moment

It’s time to say goodbye, you know what to do on the first date, but if you are interested in a second, you’d better think of a plan and propose it when you say goodbye. If you accept, set a date and time to call another day to specify the details of the meeting.

” It is better to stay with her, when he has in front, feeling the joy that created the appointment ” advise Louis and Copeland . Remember that this applies to both men and women, so try to take advantage of the magic of the moment to arrange a second meeting.