How to overcome anxiety during initial stages of a relationship?



How can anxiety affect early in a relationship?

There are many people who put all their life expectations in fact get a couple . When this is so, the need for everything to be perfect is enormous. This is where anxiety usually appears. These people try in every way to please the new couple, putting the other’s wishes before their own and even pretending things that are not to show them that they are their ideal partner.

These situations generate a lot of anxiety for the person who lives them and are usually quite counterproductive. The more they strive to fit in perfectly, the less natural and genuine they appear before the eyes of the other.


Is it possible to control this anxiety in any way? What concrete recommendations could they offer?

It is important to recognize the symptoms of anxiety, which may be physiological, such as acceleration of the pulse, flushing of the cheeks or accelerated breathing; Cognitive impairment, such as feelings of insecurity, difficulty sleeping or variable mood, and behavioral, such as stuttering or involuntary movements of the limbs.

Of all of them, the only symptoms we can more or less control are the behavioral ones, since the physiological ones and the cognitive ones are “automatic”. But there is something we can do, and try to reduce the possibility of anxiety.


Enlightened – Here are some small recommendations:

-Think positive: an appointment is not a test. For both it is a new situation. Relax and enjoy it.
– Go with comfortable clothes and shoes: even if we want to impress, you better prioritize some comfort. That will give you more confidence yourself and you will be less aware of yourself and more of your date.
– Plan your time: if you know you will not be able to arrive at seven, it remains at eight. It’s better for you on time than for you to have to run. While you go to meet your date, take a deep breath seize the moment before you see yourself to take a couple of deep breaths and relaxing. If these points do not help us, we should not be afraid to have a professional opinion of a therapist.