How to take it to Sex during First date ?


From a psychological point of view, what are normal feelings about a first date?

It is normal that before a first date our feelings and emotions are in full bloom. The most habitual feelings in this situation are usually restlessness, illusion and fear. Restlessness because we do not know what will happen, illusion and fear because we are facing a new situation in which we put many expectations and we fear that they will not be fulfilled.

What topics of conversation would be most appropriate at the beginning of a relationship? Do couples recommend talking openly about everything from the outset or is it better to postpone certain more sensitive issues, such as religion or politics?

The best bet for a relationship to be healthy and lasting is the sincerity and the ability to be able to show to the other as we are. So, we could say that, in general, there are no topics of conversation more appropriate than others, all are valid as long as the two people involved are comfortable with them.

How can sex or practice influence first dates for a longer-term relationship?

There are no conclusive studies showing that the practice of sex on first dates is predictive of a longer or less relationship. In this sense, in sex there are no rules beyond those established between the two people involved.