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Having a third date is the benefit that comes out of a second date


According to 58% of singles surveyed, despite knowing that they like to have a serious relationship, they would not tell, at least on a second date.

Both sexes would accept a kiss on a second date (78%), to know if there could be something more serious. The factor that would make them think that a second date has gone well would not have been more physical contact or more personal interest, but have scheduled a future third date between them.

According to Salama Marine , a psychologist who works with our magazine: ” a second date does not mean that tomorrow you will be married to that person; But if you stay a second time is a very good sign. This means that there is a mutual attraction and interest in knowing the other, so it is a good time to start asking about more personal issues. The second appointment can also be the ideal occasion to take action, if there was no kiss in the first, there is no need to wait any longer. Finally, it is important to close the date of the next appointment at that time, this way avoid possible doubts and uncomfortable waits of the type: I have to call or wait for you to call … ”