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The second date: the key moment for a long term relationship


How to know if the chemistry has worked to have a second date? Does that person deserve another chance to get to know each other better? The keys of the first encounter allow you to glimpse if they have a future as a couple, but the second date becomes a key moment.

The second appointment is decisive for a long-term relationship, according to 52%

The vast majority of singles would choose not to have talks about their ex-partners. A large part of the respondents believe that self-confidence is their greatest weapon of seduction

The nerves, the flirtation, and the excitement of the first date can lead you to jump to conclusions, but the truth is that second dates can become decisive, to know if a serious relationship can arise with a person or not.

The ideal place for a second date would definitely be a restaurant (38%), with quality food. Most respondents said that they would dress informally on a second date (68%), and would prefer that their appointment chose the place (53%), so they would not risk failing.

At the time of starting a conversation they would not show with much initiative, but as before, they would let their appointment decide how to start it to not screw up (83%). The taboo themes on a second date are: ex-couples, family problems and politics. However, 49% say that he would listen and advise his appointment if he ever spoke to him about his ex-partner.

Both men and women; Offering to pay the bill is no longer a priority in a meeting, say 69%.